Sales reporting platform for one of the largest pharmaceutical company

Business Need

  • Implement reporting platform for sales force of 3500 reps
  • Mobility and speed
  • Data from multiple sources including ERP, CRM, Sales, Specialty Sales, and Targeting
  • Actionable information
  • Alerts and Summaries


  • Ensure data quality while delivering actionable insights
  • Performance issues on mobile platform
  • Metrics and goals based on product portfolio


  • Company leadership
  • Sales and marketing
  • Sales analytics
  • Vendors
  • Information technology


  • Aligned approach and architecture between the various stakeholders
  • Developed data warehouse to consolidate and summarize data
  • Designed process to define and execute alerts
  • Built quality assurance checks into data processing framework
  • Participated in sales meetings for training and feedback


  • iPad based platform deployed to sales force
  • Helped adaption of mobility platforms such as CRM and call detailing