Business Intelligence

For Sequent, Business Intelligence is a combination of business, art, science and technology. It involves gathering clues, investigating evidence and helping connect the dots. We use technology to collect data, business and science knowledge to develop data models and metrics, and then use art to display it in a way that it shows trends and graphs. With the help of AI we are working on developing models to find correlations and hidden clues in the data.

Our teams focus on following key areas:

Data Collection: It all starts with collecting data from various internal and external sources – databases, spreadsheets, external providers, etc. Connectors are available to popular systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, SalesForce, etc. Custom connectors are also available.

Data Analysis: Next steps is to put it process this data – extract, clean/transform, load (ETL) into a database and model it to match business needs. Modeled data helps in performing statistical analysis, quality checks and reporting.

Insights and Reporting: Modeled data is then used to create metrics and alerts that are presented in format and layout for easily understandable by decision makers. This includes reports, dashboards, charts, graphs and tabular data, that helps decision makers in identifying patters, spot problems and discover opportunities to make data-driven decisions.

Continuous Improvement: Power of technology allows for continuous monitoring, adaption and growth. As new information becomes available and business conditions change, analysis, metrics, insights can be rapidly updated ensure that the solution stays current and responsive.

Sequent empowers organizations to harness power of data to navigate complexities of business, optimize operations, and seize opportunities.