Agiloft CLM

Legal, Sales, Procurement, Powered by AI

Sequent has been an Agiloft partner since 2018. As of 2023 we have done over 50 implementations in a wide range of industries including Biotech, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Job Search/Staffing, Medical Device and Government. 

Our services include implementation, licensing, integrations, and support. 

We help our clients transition from an existing CLM platform like Icertis, Conga, Cobblestone and others or from an email based or manual process. 

Our system migration services include data migration, data extraction from existing contracts using AI or manual inspection. 

We supports client with existing Agiloft installations. Service include moving from on-premise to Agiloft Cloud, transforming CLM inefficiencies to current process improvement, assisting with legacy document migration, AI based bulk import, etc. 





Sequent’s unique methodology and skilled team allows us to provide our customers with a range of implementation options including a milestone based fixed cost estimate.  

Key components of our implementation methodology – the 4Ps, are People, Preparation, Planning and Participation.  

We use our pre-built Agiloft knowledge base to demonstrate most used features, workflows and integrations. This helps build a solid foundation for customers’ requirements. With our agile step-by-step project plan, you get hand-on access to the platform as it’s being configured. Using standard connectors, we connect Agiloft to you single-sign-on (SSO/Active Directory), DocuSign/AdobeSign and email. We work with customer teams to test the end-to-end solution with guided and self-serve user acceptance testing. We then prepare training guides for end users, power users and administrators. Our implementation includes a 30-day hyper-care to make any minor tweaks, additional training or workflow adjustments.  

Our support engineers are available to provide support, training or demonstrate any new features. 


We have integrated Agiloft with several enterprise systems including:

Integration is performed using Agiloft’s Integration Hub, BizXSecure, Azure Logic Apps and other enterprise integration tools.